lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2018

Beauty Rose

Stars in the night are shining in your face
angel of daylight, my sweet love
long hours I'm only dreaming,
dreaming with your soul for so long.

The love of Heaven for you is so strong,
the Sun falls down for loving you forever
thinking of you every moment, ever
wishing God your soul since it's born.

Fairy fountain full of lights
is your pure beauty, mighty smile
see the power in your eyes
my dear, my pretty flower.

I could climb any impossible tower,
bring to you a dream so close,
cries for freedom a single rose
and grows with beauty those,

those details inside your thoughts.
To build the path for a new world
is now my angel, my full desire
to give you these words, say higher

for any Hell stronger than fire
couldn't harm what you mean to me
when every sea I´d had to cross to see
your light, your precious smile

to run an extra mile
when I couldn't even breath
to surpass every suffer, beneath
all damned kingdown below

is where pretty roses like you
always grow.
Every caress for you, when your pictures I see
that new path I dream to be

where all your pure dreams flow
and only Heaven knows, my dear
that I wish so much you could be here
and tell you more than words and Love.

Guardián del Alma
© Derechos reservados

For  Tanya

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Beauty Rose -
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Guardián Del Alma

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