martes, 20 de noviembre de 2018

The lightning in your soul

Good morning dear, here I am
writting while seeing your picture, dreaming
kissing your beauty face, feeling
like one caress can heal and warm,

warm any cold bad ambient today.
When words are coming to say,
to express what soul wants while I die,
whising I will never have to hide

How much I love you, angel of mine.
‘Cause magic with radiant light here comes
trembling stronger than thousand drums
here...  your precious smile shine.

All stars in the night sky envy
the treasure I see in your eye
oh beauty, darling my heart steals
your image here... so it feels

like I’ll never know, never why
why those angels stop to fly
they say they are nothing with you there
without needing any wings

just your miracle soul sweetly sings
and it’s late night, it’s so late...
Could even hope and fate
bring the emotion that it brings,

your plenty and full devotion
a heart sealing... in your shore
the river cries down, emotion
and pure strength with your Love.

                                               For Tanya

         By:  David Ramirez Moran   
         7 November 2018
            Madrid,  Spain


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